F2000 - Flume 2 Smart Home Water Monitor for Clayton Homes

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  • Rain Bird, Flume and Clayton Homes have partnered to offer the most complete whole home smart water management solution for Clayton Homes customers. Homeowners will be able to track, measure and monitor water usage inside and outside the home. Through the Rain Bird and Flume Apps, homeowners will know exactly where they are using water, how much they are using, and they will be protected with leak monitoring.
  • Flume water monitor: Includes sensor with attachment straps, WiFi Bridge with power cord, meter lid tool and gloves.
  • Smart Water Use Monitoring and Indoor & Outdoor Water Monitoring, including water use by fixture.
  • 24/7 Water Leak Detection: 70% of Flume users find leaks within their first month of using Flume! 
  • Water Use Budgets: Flume has helped customers save an average of 10-20% per month on their water bill.
  • Flume Installs in Minutes. Flume is a quick 10-minute installation: no plumbers, wires, or pipe cutting required.
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