GBS25 Solenoid Assembly for Rain Bird Golf Rotors

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  • Replacement solenoid assembly for Rain Bird valve-in-head golf rotors and case assemblies, Includes solenoid, filter and o-ring
  • Compatible with all Rain Bird E-series rotors (EAGLE 500E/550E, EAGLE 700E/750E, EAGLE 900E/950E, EAGLE 1100E/1150E, Rain Bird 700E/751E)
  • Industry-leading surge resistance of 25kV
  • Built-in filtration for a 2nd level of debris protection
  • New ¾” shorter body design that eliminates the need for a thread adapter
  • Captured plunger and wire capture ports

The GBS25 solenoid raises the bar on solenoid technology and is a "must have" for any golf course that experiences surges due to lightning or uses non-potable water. The GBS25 is the standard solenoid included on all currently available Rain Bird golf valve-in-head rotor models. It provides superintendents with a solution for two potential service issues often faced by valve-in-head solenoids: resistance to lightning surges and resistance to debris. The GBS25 has the highest surge resistance in the industry and is rated for 25,000 volt surges. It also has a secondary filter that protects the solenoid chamber from debris, keeping the plunger captured and away from contamination.

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