IFX LINK (Radio) Satellite Interface Board for Integrated Control System Plus

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  • IFX LINK Interface Board for Integrated Control System Plus
  • Compatible with PAR+/PAR+ES/MSC+ Controllers; simply swap interface boards
  • Add the power of Rain Bird IC-IN and IC-OUT devices without a major overhaul

Upgrade to IC with the IFX Satellite Board

By updating your existing Rain Bird satellites with the IFX Satellite Board, you now have the ability to add IC Rotors and Valves by simply tapping into the existing satellite MAXI™ Cable.

Access the Latest Technology without a Major Overhaul

The industry's first and only solution that lets you add IC Rotors and Valves, as well as IC CONNECT™, onto your existing Rain Bird Satellite System. Whether you're expanding your course or looking for a cost-effective way to renovate with minimum disruption to play, Rain Bird is the only irrigation provider with a truly integrated solution to upgrade your current system. With the Integrated Control Interface Plus (ICI+) and ICI+LINK, you can upgrade your Two-Wire Satellite or LINK™ Satellite (wireless) System to the latest IC System™ technology without a complete overhaul.

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