Rain Bird 551B Series Full/Part Circle Block Golf Rotor, ACME

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Rain Bird 551 Series provides the right coverage for tee boxes, greens and other small areas with short and medium throw range. With Rapid-Adjust Technology your staff can make easy arc adjustments with the turn of a screw. Patented MemoryArc® retains two part-circle arc settings, so you can shift between full and part-circle operation in seconds. Nozzles for the 551 series offer higher flow rates and large droplets that cut through wind allowing you to apply water precisely where needed and in a shorter amount of time. 

  • Radius of 32' to 55' (9.8 to 16.8 m).
  • Can handle pressures from 60 to 100 psi (4.1 to 6.9 bars).
  • Holdback up to 10' (3.1 m) of elevation.
  • Nozzle design provides superior water distribution with less sensitivity to spacing difference.
  • Solid design and construction provide a higher degree of reliability and longer life than commercial-grade products.

Rain Bird® golf rotors are engineered for precise application and distribution uniformity, helping you get the most from your water source. With intelligent, easy-to-use features like a top‑serviceable design and quick full-circle/part-circle adjustments, Rain Bird golf rotors help you and your crew save time every week.

Timeless Compatibility™

Designed for Timeless Compatibility™ with every EAGLE® rotor manufactured since 1992, these rotors give you the flexibility to update internals without having to dig up the case, saving you even more time.

More Information
Coverage Arc Full Circle 360° and Adjustable Part Circle 30° to 345°
Inlet Threads 1 in ACME Female Threaded
Body/Valve B: Seal-A-Matic
Coverage Radius 32 ft to 55 ft
Pressure Range

Maximum inlet pressure: 100 psi
Pressure regulation range: 60-100 psi

  • Body Height: 9.6" (24.5 cm)
  • Pop-Up Height to Mid-Nozzle: 2.6" (6.6 cm)
  • Top Diameter: 4.25" (10.8 cm)

Holdback: 10' (3.m) elevation

Rotation Time: 180° in ≤ 90 seconds; 75 seconds nominally

Nozzle Trajectory:

  • 51 Nozzle: 12°
  • 52, 53, 54 Nozzles: 25°

Maximum Stream Height:

  • 51 Nozzle: 5 ft
  • 52, 53, 54 Nozzles: 13 ft
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