Rain Bird 752B Series Full/Part Circle Block Golf Rotor, ACME, 48 Black Nozzle

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Full circle block (Seal-A-Matic) golf rotor

Proven Rain Bird Performance

New Rain Bird® 751 Series Golf Rotors feature the same highly efficient nozzle performance you’ve come to expect from the industry leader and deliver the best performance yet from Rain Bird golf rotors. With large droplets that cut through harsh winds and reliable and consistent pressure regulation, Rain Bird rotors deliver the even distribution you need to guarantee a healthy playing surface.

Industry-Leading Durability

You never take a day off. Neither should your rotor. Driven to deliver, built to take a beating, Rain Bird® 700 Series Golf Rotors deliver improved durability. Trust their rugged construction for year after year of reliable, hassle-free performance.

Backward Compatibility

Already have Rain Bird rotors installed on your course? New Rain Bird® 751 Series Golf Rotors offer backward compatibility with every 700 Series EAGLE™ Rotor manufactured since 1992. Saving precious time and money is as simple as dropping new Rain Bird® 751 Series internal assemblies into your existing rotor cases.

Low Cost of Ownership

These days, everyone can appreciate the value of a wise purchasing decision. All things considered, Rain Bird Golf Rotors offer a low cost of ownership through a powerful combination of versatility, performance and durability. So make the most of every dollar—install 700 and 751 Golf Rotors to optimize water consumption, simplify operation and minimize replacement, maintenance and inventory costs

More Information
Coverage Arc Full Circle 360°
Inlet Threads 1 in ACME Female Threaded
Body/Valve B: Seal-A-Matic
Coverage Radius 35 ft to 75 ft
Pressure Range Maximum Inlet Pressure: 100psi
  • Body Height: 9.6 in
  • Pop-Up Height to Mid-Nozzle: 2.6 in
  • Top Diameter: 4.25 in
  • Rotation Time: 360° in ≤ 180 seconds; 150 seconds nominally
  • Holdback: 10 ft of elevation
  • Nozzle Trajectory:
    • Standard: 25°
    • Wind Tolerant: 12°
    • Low-Angle: 17°
  • Maximum Stream Height:
    • Standard: 17 ft
    • Wind Tolerance: 10 ft
70X/75X Nozzle 44 Green Nozzle
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