RWSBX1401 - Rain Bird RWS Root Watering System - 36 in. Tube, 0.25 GPM Bubbler, 4 in. Grate, no elbow

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  • 4 in. (10,2 cm) retaining cap and vandal resistant locking grate tops a 36" (91,4 cm) semi-rigid mesh tube
  • Factory installed swing assemblies with a 1401 (0.25 gpm; 0,95 l/m) bubbler on a fixed riser makes connecting to lateral lines easy
  • 18 in. open swing assembly with no elbow on the end
  • Optional sand sock is ideal for use in sandy soil
  • Right size for shrubs
  • Minimizes transplant shock
  • Directs water to root ball and adjacent soil
  • Supplements top-down soaking
  • Quicker tree and shrub growth
  • Provide a stable foundation against high winds
  • Reduces waste due to run-off
  • Minimizes evaporation
  • Grate collar has an integrated clip for 1/4 in. (0.6 cm) tubing

Rain Bird’s Root Watering System (RWS) enables vital water, oxygen, and nutrients to bypass compacted soil and directly reach tree and shrub root systems.

Its patented basket weave canister allows ground installation to a depth of 36" (91,4 cm) for the RWS, 18" (45,7 cm) for the RWS-M and 10" (25,4 cm) for the RWS-S. The RWS is intended for use with water dispensing devices such as a bubbler head or a drip emitter.

The RWS promotes tree and shrub investment protection, watering efficiency and landscape aesthetics through deep root growth and tree development.

Tree & Shrub Investment Protection

In a typical transplant project, as many as 20% of trees do not survive beyond two years. Over 50% of newly planted tree mortality is due to water and nutrient stress. Rain Bird’s RWS provides subsurface irrigation and aeration designed to prevent tree and shrub transplant shock. It allows the roots to grow deeper and broader resulting in greater tree stability, higher survival rates and long-term healthier growth.

Watering Efficiency

Subsurface, deep root watering and aeration ensures tree health and promotes accelerated growth. Subsurface watering is intelligent irrigation. RWS minimizes the total water volume required to irrigate trees, reducing water loss due to evaporation, wind and edge control losses.

Landscape Aesthetics

The RWS helps prevent shallow root growth by minimizing water run-off and damage to hardscapes. The aesthetically designed subsurface bubbler is contained with the RWS tube. The below-grade installation contributes to a safer and more reliable installation -no one is tripping over or breaking above-ground irrigation hardware. The below-grade installation promotes a landscape’s natural appearance.

The variety of models accommodates design flexibility. It is simple to specify, requiring a single model number instead of a host of parts.

Additional features:

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance
    • Installs at grade level
    • Minimizes root damage to hardscapes
  • Rigid tube design
    • Mesh material allows for horizontal movement of water and oxygen into root zone and surrounding areas
    • Supports pea gravel fill to provide better top-to-bottom water dispersion and firmness against root compression
  • Connects to traditional irrigation lateral lines
    • Integrated polyethylene swing assembly and spiral barb fittings connect to PVC and PE pipes
    • Simplifies attachment to watering pipes
  • Self-contained and factory-assembled
    • Saves time and money by being ready-to-install out of the box
  • Minimizes personal injury
    • Reduces above ground risers and surface-level roots people can trip over
More Information
Model RWSBX1401
Emission Device Type Micro-Bubbler
Inlet Type MPT
Flow Rate 0.25 gpm
Dimensions 4 in. diameter x 36 in. length (10,2 cm x 91,4 cm)
RWS Size Standard 36 in
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