Golf Valve Box Stand with Purple Lid

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• Commercial-grade boxes.
• Multiple sizes and shapes designed with corrugated sides and wide flange bases for maximum durability, compression strength and stability.
• Smart lid design with no holes to keep out pests and beveled edges to minimize 
damage potential from turf equipment with an easy-access shovel slot for lid removal.
• Interlocking stacking capabilities, extension models and pipe hole knockouts support deeper and more flexible installations.
• All black bodies and lids are made from 100% recycled materials, making them 
earth-friendly and LEED compliant.
• Locking systems with vandal-resistant hex or penta bolt, washers and clips.
Warranty: 5-year trade warrant


Length: 21.8 inches (55,4 cm)

Width: 16.6 inches (42,2 cm)

Height: 12.0 inches (30,5 cm)

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More Information
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